What's the Buzz about Boot Camp?

Group Exercise Class Spotlight

Looking for a way to whip yourself into shape, or just want to try something totally different? Break out of your workout comfort zone with Boot Camp. These 45-minute, high-intensity and total body workouts are a great way to switch up your fitness routine and challenge yourself in new ways.

The best part about Boot Camp is that you’ll never get bored—each class is a new, different experience! Our instructors keep things interesting by switching between upper and lower body workouts, cardio and strength intervals, core exercises and functional training, partner and group work. Our goal is to give you high-impact workout, increase your agility and speed—and make sure you’re having fun!

Check out the the Cardio/Strength Classes for Boot Camp times and location.

Want to learn more about how the variety and high-energy of Boot Camp can benefit your workout? Contact Amy Rosales, Group Exercise Director, at (847) 535-7632.



NOVEMBER 22 to 26, 2017

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