Facility Notes

Updated April 4, 2018

Pool Maintenance

Lindenhurst Health & Fitness Center’s pool will be closed for annual maintenance from Monday, August 20 through Sunday, September 2, 2018 and reopen on Monday, September 3, 2018.

You are welcome to use the Lake Forest Health & Fitness Center’s facilities during this time for no additional cost. Thank you for your patience as we improve the aquatics facilities for our members.

Medical Hold

Members may request that their membership be placed on medical hold with the following restrictions:

  • A written note from your physician stating the reason for the medical hold request is required to begin the medical hold.
  • To release the hold before the six-month mark or time given on the doctor's note, a written note from your physician stating you are approved to return to the club is required.
  • Medical holds begin on the first of each month and conclude on the last day of each month. You may not begin or end your hold mid-month.
  • Effective June 1, 2012, retroactive account adjustments are not permitted.
  • If one person on a couple's membership is placed on a medical hold, the remaining member pays the regular individual dues rate.
  • Use of the club is prohibited during an approved medical hold period.




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Group Exercise Substitution Schedule

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