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Our goal at Lindenhurst Health & Fitness Center is to promote exercise and healthy lives, both inside and outside of the club.

One of the best ways to foster good health is to participate in an athletic or social event. We host many different types of events—and with the varied interests of our employees, we attend quite a few! We love to have members join us at these events, whether we are the host or they take place elsewhere in the community. 

Matt Ball

Fridays at 5:30 a.m. 

Combining soccer and ultimate Frisbee with a great workout, join us every Friday for Matt Ball, a Lindenhurst Health & Fitness Center invention and member favorite.

Based on how many people play, the strategy of the game changes every week—but you are guaranteed a great workout that is a ton of fun! Members report burning 650 to 900 calories an hour without even realizing they’re exercising.

Matt Ball is a game for everyone; all newcomers and non-ball players are welcome. Bring both a black and a white shirt in order to pick even teams. Join us at 5:30 a.m. and be ready to laugh and sweat!

To learn more or to join a group, please call us at (847) 535-7500 or contact us.

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