Step It Up!

Group Exercise Class Spotlight

Step classes have been around for decades—but these aren’t the same old school step classes requiring '80s tights and bad hair. These are intense cardio classes that creatively incorporate choreography, strength exercises, or high energy segments of athletic drills for a great workout.

We offer a variety of Step classes each week, tailored to fit your interests:

Athletic Step — Alternating short bursts of high-energy segments of athletic-style step drills/combinations and total body strength exercises.

Total Cardio Step — High-energy alternating step choreography and cardio drills.

Step Jam — Short segments of step alternated with short segments of strength exercises targeting the entire body.

Find a complete list of all our Cardio/Strength classes, including Step. To learn more about Step and other Group Exercise classes, contact Amy Rosales, Group Exercise Director, at (847) 535-7632.

Group Exercise Substitution Schedule

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