swim class descriptions

Parent and Tot: 6 to 36 months

Register by age. Child will learn water development skills and safety. Not offered in winter.

Preschool: 3 to 5 years old

  • Frog (P1) — First level without parent. For beginner swimmers or those with no prior lesson experience. Will learn water adjustments, bubbles, face wet.

  • Salamander (P2)
    Must have passed Frog or test out. Will learn assisted swimming and beginner rhythmic breathing.

  • Turtle (P3)
    Must have passed Salamander or test out. Will combine breathing and free swimming and use kickboards.

  • Fish (P4)
    Must have passed Turtle or test out. Will perform unassisted swimming and retrieve underwater objects.

Youth: 6+ years old

  • Polar Bear (Y1)
    For beginner swimmers. No prior lesson experience necessary.

  • Walrus (Y2)
    Must have passed Polar Bear or Salamander. Will learn paddling, floating and kicking with boards.

  • Penguin (Y3)
    Must have passed Walrus, Turtle or Fish. Will learn Front, Back, Breast and Elementary Backstrokes. Will introduce flip-turns.

  • Otter (Y4)
    Must have passed Penguin or test out. Refines and expands stroke proficiency; gains endurance, expounds on flip turns.

  • Seal (Y5)
    Must have passed Otter or test out. Increases endurance. Begins preparation for swim teams, lifeguarding, swim instruction and general water skills.

  • Dolphin (Y6)
    Must have passed Seal or test out. Blends strokes, practices for specific events. Increases endurance and lung capacity. Prepares for swim teams, demonstrates to younger age groups.

Adults: 18+ years old

Independent adult group lessons are available to four to six participants. Sessions are 30 minutes. Swimmers of similar ability and availability are combined into each group. Please call the swim lessons line at (847) 535-7611 for more information.

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